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For over three decades, 30 SECONDS® has remained an iconic industry leader, setting the standard in its field. Collab Digital has proudly taken the helm of the brand’s social media strategy, operating across the vibrant landscapes of New Zealand and Australia. Our role involves an array of dynamic responsibilities, all geared towards bolstering the brand’s digital presence and captivating its diverse audience.

Our Role:

  • Content Mastery: We are the architects behind the brand’s captivating online presence, crafting regular, engaging content through photography, videography, and graphic design.
  • Strategic Advertising: Our expertise extends to strategic paid advertising campaigns strategically designed to amplify the brand’s reach and impact.
    Innovative Design: We’ve also had the privilege of overseeing product label design and facilitating the launch of new product developments (NPD), adding an exciting layer to our collaboration.

Lifestyle & content shoots

What the client had to say

The Collab team is a valuable extension to our marketing team. They have done a range of work for us, including social media management, content creation, graphic design, and web development. We appreciate their depth of skill and knowledge particularly in social media and content creation. Recently their web design team has produced a high-quality calibre website that we are very happy with! We find the Collab team to be very responsive and excellent at providing what we need and really enjoy working with them. We would highly recommend working with Collab to others.

Nicole Oliver

Marketing Manager

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