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Our partnership with “Education Tauranga,” an organisation dedicated to promoting Bay of Plenty’s educational institutions and lifestyle to international students. Education Tauranga required a ground-up overhaul of their entire brand. It was a remarkable journey that showcased our expertise in Branding, Photography, Videography, Web Design, and Graphic Design.

There's a lot to unpack

The Challenge: An Outdated Identity and a Dysfunctional Website

Education Tauranga came to us with a challenge – their outdated logo resembled clipart. It did not look professional or convey a sense of New Zealand. Their current website lacked substance and did not resonate with their international student audience. Navigation was confusing, making it difficult for visitors to find the information they needed, and it fell short of showcasing the unique features and opportunities of the area.


Our Solutions:


Our journey with Education Tauranga began with revitalizing their identity. We took inspiration from New Zealand’s colours and rich symbolism, infusing these elements into a grounded, professional logo with an authentic brand story that celebrates their location. The result was a dynamic, visually striking identity that encapsulated the spirit of New Zealand and resonated with international students.

Photo & Video

We embarked on a visual journey to immerse visitors in the Bay of Plenty experience genuinely. Our team captured stunning, high-quality imagery and videography that showcased the region’s beauty. These visuals brought the Bay of Plenty to life, making it a compelling destination for international students.

Web Design

The core of our transformation was the website. We overhauled the entire platform, making it intuitive and user-friendly. Our design incorporated the new branding, seamlessly integrating the New Zealand-inspired colours and symbolism. We strategically arranged the site’s content to ensure easy navigation for international students and their families, helping them find the information they needed effortlessly.

Graphic Design

To enhance the user experience, we introduced custom graphics in Education Tauranga’s brand colours. These graphics added a unique visual appeal and served as intuitive markers, guiding users through the site’s content.

Result: An Engaging Showcase of the Bay of Plenty

Our efforts culminated with an engaging online presence that effectively promoted Bay of Plenty’s educational institutions and lifestyle to international students. With its captivating visuals and user-friendly layout, the new website conveyed information clearly and enticingly.

What the client had to say

I had the pleasure of working with the Collab team across many aspects of our business development – new logo design & re-brand, website built from scratch, photoshoot in multiple locations & animated video creation. Their skill, communication and overall professionalism was seamless and I was thrilled with the quality of their work. Having everything under one roof made the whole process a breeze and I would happily recommend all of the services they offer. Team Collab are the best!

Melissa Gillingham

Regional Relationship Manager - International Education
Education Tauranga

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