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Nestled within the vibrant Dine district at Bayfair, Freeport & Cleaver is a culinary haven, offering a relaxed and inviting atmosphere where handcrafted pizzas and slow-cooked smoked meats take centre stage. Collab Digital proudly shoulders the responsibility of managing social media and content creation for this culinary gem. Our commitment extends to creating engaging videography and photography that captures the essence of Freeport & Cleaver’s exceptional dining experience.

Our Creative Touch:

  • Web Design Expertise: We’ve also lent our creative prowess to craft a bespoke website tailored to the restaurant’s unique ambience. This project included custom graphics and illustrations to align seamlessly with the restaurant’s decor.

LIfestyle shoot

What the client had to say

We have been working with Collab for almost two years – they oversee our social media, poster designs, website design, menu design and photography – all at an exceptionally high level. Their true strength is understanding our business vision and creating a service that represents that. I certainly would have recommended Collab!

Chloe Hodson

Freeport & Cleaver

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