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At Collab Digital, we are committed to transforming brands and creating meaningful connections with their target audiences. Our collaboration with “Future Focus: Early Learning,” a prominent preschool childcare company with multiple locations around Tauranga, was a testament to our ability to rejuvenate brand identities. We successfully tackled their branding, photography, videography, handbook design, and signage, reinvigorating their image and market engagement.

Focusing on the Future

The Challenge: A Lackluster Brand Identity and Marketing Materials

Future Focus: Early Learning approached us with a challenge – their existing brand failed to encapsulate the essence of Tauranga and lacked engagement with their target market. Everything felt uninspiring and lacking a compelling brand story, from their logo to handbooks, signs, and photography.

Our Solutions:


We embarked on a journey to redefine Future Focus: Early Learning’s identity. Our approach was to celebrate the concept of growth through learning and experience.

The new logo design featured tall lettering with a hand-drawn aesthetic, blending structure with fun and exploration.

The logo icon incorporated stylized ponga fronds, paying homage to the previous logo while reimagining them to fit the new brand style. We crafted supplemental icons using the same frond motif.

The new brand colours reflect Tauranga’s coastal environment, adding a local touch to the brand.

Photo & Video

We conducted comprehensive photoshoots and videography sessions to breathe life into their marketing materials. These shoots resulted in a library of high-quality images and videos that captured the children and staff’s joy and enriching experiences. These visuals became a cornerstone in conveying the essence of Future Focus.

Handbook Design

We revamped their handbooks, infusing them with the newly created brand assets and photographs. This transformation gave the handbooks a friendly yet professional appearance, aligning them with the brand’s renewed identity and values.

Sign Writing

The brand’s vibrancy was further highlighted through the creation of new road signs. Against the dark background, the vibrant colours of the new logo make them eye-catching to the public and motorists alike. The signage proudly announced the presence of Future Focus: Early Learning at its various locations.


A Resonating Brand Story and Vibrant Image

Our collaboration with Future Focus: Early Learning resulted in a brand transformation that not only encapsulated the growth and learning journey of young children but also celebrated the beauty of Tauranga’s coastal environment. The brand’s revitalized image, paired with high-quality visuals and marketing materials, created an engaging narrative that resonated with both parents and the wider community.

What the client had to say

I think you guys absolutely nailed our signage. It looks sleek and professional and catches the eye easily! Thank you to you and your team!


Future Focus

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