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Seymours Distributing is a reputable household name FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) brand supplier. Collab Digital is honoured to be their social media partner across New Zealand and Australia. Our collaboration encompasses a multifaceted approach to amplifying their digital presence.


Our Role:

  • Strategic Social Management: We oversee the comprehensive social media strategy, ensuring Seymours Distributors’ presence is strong and impactful across two nations.
  • Paid Advertising Mastery: Our team continuously refines and executes paid advertising strategies, leveraging the latest trends and technologies.
  • Influencer Engagement: We harness the power of influencer campaigns to elevate the brand’s appeal and reach.
  • Visual Excellence: Monthly, we produce captivating videography and photography to create mass appeal for Seymours Distributors’ extensive portfolio of brands and products.

Studio & Lifestyle Photography

What the client had to say

We love working in partnership with the Collab team. Their knowledge of all things social and their easy communication make it a breeze. It’s always exciting to see the visuals they create to bring our products to life! We would highly recommend Collab Digital for social media management and photography needs.

Kate Moore

Marketing Director
Seymours Distributing

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