Custom graphic assets by real humans!

Graphic assets are the essential building blocks of compelling visual communication. From custom icons to illustrative logos, these elements bring your brand to life, ensuring a cohesive and professional look across all your marketing materials. Our in-house team of designers crafts each graphic from scratch, guaranteeing originality and creativity in every piece.

An asset for every occassion


An illustrative logo captures the essence of your brand through detailed and creative design. Our custom logos are crafted to tell your brand's story, making a lasting impression and setting you apart from the competition.

Custom icons

Custom icons provide a unique and instantly recognisable way to represent your brand, services, or features. Tailored to fit your brand’s style, these icons enhance user experience and improve the visual appeal of your digital and print materials.


Infographics turn complex data into engaging and easily digestible visual stories. By combining striking graphics with informative content, our custom infographics help your audience quickly grasp key information, making them perfect for reports, presentations, and social media.

Supporting elements

Supporting design elements, such as patterns, backgrounds, and decorative graphics, add depth and consistency to your visual identity. These elements are designed to complement your primary graphics, ensuring a harmonious and polished look across all media.

Why choose vector graphics?

Our graphic design team specialises in strategically using vector graphics to crystallise your ideas into visual form. From logos to infographics, vector graphics offer scalability, small file sizes, and versatility, making them ideal for multiple applications.

Custom Vector graphics for 30 SECONDS® for use on Website, Bottle Labels and other print media.


Vector graphics can be resized without sacrificing quality, making them perfect for designs that need to look crisp at any size, from small icons to large billboards.


Small file size

Despite their ability to produce intricate designs, vector files are typically smaller than their raster counterparts, making them more manageable for storage and web use.



They’re ideal for various applications, from logos and illustrations to typography and infographics.


Editing flexibility

Vector graphics are easily editable. You can modify shapes, colours, and other attributes without losing quality.


Print perfection

Vector graphics are the preferred format for print materials because they ensure sharp, high-quality output.

Our work

“We have been working with Collab for almost two years – they oversee our social media, poster designs, website design, menu design and photography - all at an exceptionally high level. Their true strength is understanding our business vision and creating a service that represents that. I certainly would have recommended Collab!”
Chloe Hodson

Let's Collab

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