Social Media

for Business

Why is it so good?

With Social Media Marketing, your message is directed to the people most likely to engage with your business.
When you think of businesses on Social Media, most people don’t think beyond a Facebook page with photos of their shopfront and the opening hours… But it’s so much more.

While a Facebook page is a good start, it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the incredibly versatile and opportunity-packed landscape of Social Media advertising.

Unlike traditional advertising which is relatively static and offers a low Return On Investment, Social Media Marketing is highly targeted – ensuring your message reaches the right demographics for your business, significantly increasing your ROI.

Facebook is the leading social media platform in New Zealand, with 3.15 million active Kiwi users. Add another 1.7 million Kiwi’s on Instagram, and you can start to imagine the power Social Media advertising can offer.

Collab bridges the gap between your business and these Social Media consumers.

>  Planning for Social Media success

>  Hassle-Free Social Media Management

How it all works

With targeted product posts and multi-platform advertising campaigns and more; Social Media offers customer-targeted, responsive, flexible advertising previously unknown.

Collab Digital NZ for Social Media Content Creation

Pick your target

Collab determines which Social Media demographic best suits your ideal client type based on your goals, and a range of marketing factors and online analysis. We then tailor online campaigns to generate the best response from these consumers.

Collab Digital NZ for Social Media Content Creation

Track your Results

The beauty of Social Media is the almost instantaneous results reporting. This live data allows us to track the impact of campaigns, assess the consumer response and even detect how each campaign generates sales or customer inquiries.

Collab Digital NZ for Social Media Content Creation

Adapt and grow

By combining your starting goal with the trackable data, Collab fine-tunes follow-up campaigns to take advantage of customer results and trends. We can even take those results and adapt them to leverage current events and cultural attitudes.

Collab Digital NZ testimonial from Donovan Chocolates

“… helped us build traction very quickly…”

“We approached Collab as they came highly recommended to us. They’ve been an awesome team to deal with, full of knowledge and insight, and have helped us build traction very quickly in the social media space. The results have been great and working with them has really helped us build our brand.”

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