It all starts with a goal

All successful marketing starts with a clear objective at which to aim. Know your goal, and we’ll help you achieve it.

Need help with your marketing goals? Collab can help with that too.

Setting a goal is a pretty easy first step. It could be something as simple as raising awareness of your brand, directing more traffic to your website, raising awareness of a special event, or increasing sales.

Once you have identified what you want your online marketing to achieve, we help put the steps in place to reach those goals.

A little bit of research

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “a failure to plan is a plan for failure”. This phrase certainly applies to marketing, so a little upfront planning is critical to any successful campaign.

Collab Digital NZ for Social Media Content Creation

Know your Audience

You may have the most outstanding product or service in your particular market. But if potential customers can’t relate to your business, how will you sell to them?
Age, gender, ethnicity, locations, likes and dislikes. These are just a few of the factors that decide who you should be promoting towards, and how.

Collab Digital NZ for Social Media Content Creation

The Right Platform

Once we know who you will be marketing towards, and how we capture their attention, we need to choose the right platform to launch your campaign.
Differing demographics prefer different platforms. They’re also active at varying times and respond in different ways. Collab calculates the best time and place to launch campaigns to hit different target audiences.

Collab Digital NZ for Social Media Content Creation

Standing Out

Even if you are an all-new business with all new products, you will still be promoting against other companies with a slice of your market.
The best way to combat this is to stand out. Be brighter, be bolder, be more relevant, be relatable, be reliable. Work out what puts your business above the competition and leverage it within your online campaigns.

Staying on track

So your first online social media campaign has launched. What now? Is that it?
Absolutely not; now the fun really starts!


Unlike traditional marketing where you pay upfront for ad space then sit back and cross your fingers, social media allows you to adapt your advertising based on how your target audience reacts.

This constant analysis helps ensure you’re spending your budget where you will receive the best results.


The online world is fluid and ever-changing; upcoming trends, the current news cycle, new technology, even popular culture and lifestyle all impact the way your message is received.

Our extensive online analysis enables us to adapt your message to meet these fluctuations and achieve your marketing goals.


Once armed with the campaign reporting and the knowledge of your market fluctuations, Collab can calculate strategies and plan new campaigns to suit.

We can also produce and launch campaigns quickly and efficiently to leverage current events or target upcoming trends.

Collab Digital NZ testimonial from Donovan Chocolates

“…genuinely excited about the project…”

“Right from the start, the Collab team were professional, creative, and most importantly genuinely excited about the project and helping us tell our story. And it shows in the end result.”

Kylie Miller

Jenkins Freshpac