About Us

Introducing Collab Digital.

Based in the beautiful Bay Of Plenty, we're an innovative forward thinking team who are pushing the boundaries when it comes to connecting businesses with customers. We focus solely on social media by empowering business owners, marketers and more through education and training by imparting our knowledge in a format that is fun, informative and highly engaging - all things that your social media should be! All of our learnings come directly from real-time social media management and advert campaigns that we implement for several brands and businesses on a daily basis. We've been doing this for 11 years - so be rest assured, we know our stuff! 

With over 10 years in media and marketing combined with the same amount of time in tertiary tutoring, Brent has developed specialist skills with a strong skew towards new media. His experience has seen him work with several large corporates, government agencies and SME's across both Australia and New Zealand to develop the ultimate social media strategies, ad campaigns and much more. He draws from knowledge and experience of tried and tested methods across of range of industries and is at the absolute forefront when it comes to the latest updates, changes and products that you need to know about. 

Brent delivers the courses in a fun, informative and engaging (there it goes again!) manner that will empower you to create and manage an online community that lives and breaths your every update. All of this, along with the most up-to-date insights, methods and opportunities, you'll walk away ready to conquer the World of social media! 

We also work with several high ranking guest speakers covering a range of topics - content, paid adverts, strategy and more.

Want to get in touch? Either use the mighty fine form below or email direct to hello@collab.co.nz. 
We are located at 10 Matarawa Place, Tauriko, Tauranga