We are New Zealand's highest rated social media training agency, with over 750 reviews from real Kiwi business owners, marketers and more! You can read them here, or see a few of our favourites below!

Really thought-provoking insights on how to become and remain relevant in the social media landscape. Very worthwhile investment in time and money.

- Michael Knauf

A great morning invested in learning more about growing social media for our business. It's black and white - easily understood with great take away's from Brent's presentation. A MUST for anyone who's looking for the tools and skill to ensure that their social media posts are engaging their followers and helping to growing their audience!

- Philly Angus

Awesome morning in Napier today! An interesting thought provoking conference on social media. Will be making some changes back at the office later. Thank you so much.

- Jo Munialo

Really enjoyed the course today. Very helpful information! I thought I knew a lot about social media considering I am on it 24/7, but today taught me things I didn't even know existed! I am a lot more aware of how important social media is within a business which my boss will love! Thank you Brent and his team.

- Emma Bain

Thanks Brent for an interesting workshop on social media. I loved the little tips around ad manager and verifying the page. It has left me a lot to think about in terms of posting content based on the insights response! Excited to put it into action and grow our engagement! A++

- Shannon Burns

Brilliant workshop - and I also contacted Brent prior to the day to ask a few questions on workshop content and he was very clear about what I could expect. This was a great help in making the decision easy to attend the workshop. I learnt so much - all the missing links about understanding Facebook.

- Bern Cranshaw

First off, the food was amazing which is half the battle of keeping people interested. Loved the social media models at the door and everyone very helpful. Great workshop, I learned a lot that I didn't know about and found out some of what I was doing was correct.

- Kathy Andrew-Wilson

Yup, these guys are good! If you want to get real practical stuff on how to manage your social media content, go to these guys! Even us absolute beginners come out with an action plan for social media, and can get straight on it!

- Jeanette McClennan

Best social media seminar ever been to. Very good information and now can’t wait to work on my business marketing, using Facebook. Creating adverts and getting more engagement. Very well presented and even easy for a baby boomer to understand. Thanks Collab Digital.

- Billie-Ann Gadd

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