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There is no denying that using social media as part of a successful marketing strategy is now a necessity and with several platforms, advert options and content methods it has quickly become a confusing, cluttered space. We offer specialised social media training either in a public group format, or via private corporate sessions for all skill levels - from beginner to advanced that's designed to create a clear pathway for you to succeed and maintain a community that lives and breathes every post you create. 
We have developed two specific social media training programs which cover social media, top to bottom including paid adverts, content, strategy and much more. 
Timing: Two Hour Intensive

Social Media Breakfast

Our Social Media Breakfast is a two hour intensive morning session that covers everything you'll need to know to be able to achieve and maintain a successful social media presence, including the latest industry updates and insights along with special guest speakers. To find out more, contact us. 

Timing: Half Day Intensive

Social Media Workshop

Our Social Media Workshop is a half day classroom style event that’s based around active learning. You’ll get a hands on look at social media, including the in-depth development of your own social media strategy. As a group, we'll take a detailed look at all platforms, with a major focus on Facebook and Instagram - the two biggest followed by exploration of insights, content and much more. To find out more, contact us. 

Timing: From 1 - 4 Hours

Private Training

We can offer private training anywhere in New Zealand for individuals and groups from 5 -200 people. First, we discuss the key learning's that you'd like to takeaway and from there, develop a bespoke training package that's tailored to your needs. To find out more, contact us. 

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