Using paid advertising to drive results

Are you ready for paid campaigns that deliver tangible and impactful results? We craft campaigns that transition from mass awareness to meaningful conversions, empowering your brands to excel in the digital world.

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Getting clicks

Broad advertising platforms

We ensure your ads reach across social media, audience networks, Google, and beyond. Strategic placements mean your message connects with your audience, wherever they are online.

Transparency and insights

We commit to complete transparency. Our detailed reporting offers insights that help you understand the impact of your advertising, from clicks to conversions.

Remarkable statistics

We manage over 300 ad campaigns monthly, with a total annual spend exceeding $2 million. This substantial investment results in a yearly reach of about 65 million people, generating over 350 million interactions. These interactions include clicks, views, engagements, and conversions, encapsulating the essence of successful advertising.

“Collab Digital don't just talk the talk, they walk the walk. The time and effort they put into creating relevant, on-trend content for our social media really does work! People notice our posts, and from what Collab have done – we have gained more customers, and business is now steadier and more consistent. If I could give one piece of advice to fellow business owners, it would be to take that flying leap of faith with Collab Digital sooner rather than later!”
Lisa Wilson

Let's Collab

Let's strategise your ideal paid advertising plan. Contact us today to discover how our tailored advertising solutions can transform your brand’s online presence.

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