Social Media Breakfast, 25th July, Christchurch

Social Media Breakfast, 25th July, Christchurch

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Are you a business owner, manager, sales person or marketer in Christchurch? If so, this event is for you! Join Collab Digital, NZ’s #1 rated social media training agency on the 25th July for our special breakfast event at the Addington Raceway & Events Centre from 7:30am - 9:30am! 

Want to know more about social media and how you can maximise the tools on offer to help grow your business? This in depth two-hour event covers the five main platforms, with a focus on Facebook due to its size. You'll walk away with a deeper knowledge and a clearer direction on how you should be integrating social media into your business.  We've also got guest speakers including one of NZ's biggest social media stars - How To DAD to talk about content creation! 

A light self-serve breakfast will be provided (GF, DF, V, SF options available on request)


1: The Social Media Landscape in NZ

  • Who is using social media, and more importantly – why?
  • Statistical breakdown on usage and growth

2: The Five Big Platforms

  • Key demographic breakdown
  • Analysis of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & Snapchat

3: Understanding Audiences

  • Behavourial analysis
  • Selling VS Entertaining
  • Responsiveness

4: The Successful Social Media Strategy 

SPECIAL GUEST: Alisha Palin (Marketing Manager - JUCY USA)

  • The key fundamentals to achieve success
  • Audience Insights – what you should be paying attention to
  • Brand Authenticity
  • Collaboration with brands
  • Influencer Marketing

5: Content Creation 

SPECIAL GUEST: Jordan Watson (How To Dad)

  • Good content VS Bad content
  • Overview on Stories & Live Videos
  • The optimum post frequency
  • Competitions (and the rules that you should not break)

6: How You Should Measure Success

  • Engagement VS Page Likes
  • Getting ROI

7: Community Management

  • Leading the conversation
  • Dealing with negativity
  • What happens when it all goes wrong

8: Understanding Paid Adverts

SPECIAL GUEST: Renee Price (ex-Mediacom Strategy & Investment Manager)

  • How the Newsfeed is structured and why
  • Algorithm changes, are they really that scary?
  • The Facebook Adverts Manager
  • The four key variables that you have to get right first
  • Controlling your Ad Spend
  • Moving away from the ‘Boost’ mentality
  • Frequency & Scheduling

9: Innovation – what’s next in the world of social media?

  • What’s on the horizon in the world of social media

10: Where to from here? The next steps you should be taking

Summary / Q&A 


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