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Collab Digital NZ - Westpac Tauranga Business Award Winner 2019

Our team have to show a genuine interest in building online results and the dedication and creative flair to get the job done.

Because we tailor our content and management plans to suit our clients, our team needs to adapt when planning and executing content creation. They also need to understand the online metric inside and out to make the right calls with directing online campaigns.

This level of expertise is a big ask, but luckily for us, we have gathered together a crack-team who have repeatedly proven they are up to the task. If you think you have what it takes to join the Collab crew, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Collab Digital NZ - Westpac Tauranga Business Award Winner 2019

Our Collab Crew

Our team of dedicated Social Media experts

Brent Ireland

Strategy Director

Jess Smith

Account Director

Kaitlyn Hill

Social Media Manager

Matt Logan

Content Manager

Brooke Frampton

Social Media Coordinator

Rebecca McCabe

Social Media Coordinator

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Future Collab Member

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Are you ready to dive into the world on Social Media marketing, but still have questions? Get in touch! The Collab Team are here to help.

Collab Digital NZ testimonial from Donovan Chocolates

“… Collab put us all at ease…”

“The Collab crew were awesome! From planning all the way through to delivering the final product, Collab put us all at ease and made it fast, painless and comfortable. Thanks, Collab!”

Jamie Lunam

Jenkins Freshpac Systems