Get them Engaged..

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It may only seem to be text and images, but knowing what to use, and how, is what generates our excellent results.

By this stage, we know who you need to market to, about what and why. So now it’s down to the how.

Using high quality visuals is crucial to success – and with over 1,000 photography and videography shoots under our belt, we know what is needed. With our own dedicated content team, studio and production suite with the very latest cinema grade technology – we can bring what you offer to life.

What suits one product, client, or audience may not suit another. Because there is no one-size-fits-all solution, our tailored approach to every project is crucial to its success.

We put ourselves in our clients’ customers shoes. If we were their customer, what would make us stop and learn more about their product or service. Can we relate to it? Does it solve a problem? And if so, what would make us take action?

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Multi-angled approach

Content comes in three varieties, writing, photography and videography. Each has its part to play in successful online campaigns, and by combining all three, you have the power to capture your audience’s attention and ensure your message is heard.

Collab Digital NZ for Social Media Content Creation

Content Writing

Social media does not leave you a lot of room for waxing lyrical. There is very little time to capture or retain the interest of a reader.

You need the reader to become intrigued enough to take action quickly, but you don’t have the benefit of several paragraphs to sway them gently. So, well-crafted text content needs to be informative but brief. Engaging yet concise.

Collab Digital NZ for Social Media Content Creation


Photography, done well, has proven to be the most effective to stop someone scrolling and get them engaged in a message. It does a lot of the “heavy lifting” in most campaigns.

So you need images that capture the imagination, create desire and tell a story instantly.  To create this level of success requires a thorough understanding of the message and a lot of pre-planning.

Collab Digital NZ for Social Media Content Creation


Video is fast becoming the new preferred method of engaging with customers. People are so familiar with consuming daily online video content that moving your marketing to this format makes sense.

Video has the same power to arrest viewers attention as photography, but unlike photography, video retains that attention allowing a much larger message to be conveyed.

Collab Digital NZ testimonial from Donovan Chocolates

“We made the right decision…”

“We’ve been working with Collab Digital for almost 6 months and Love It! The Collab team are always approachable and always come up with quality content. We made the right decision to partner with Collab.”

Marc Lucero

Pizza Library Co.