Keep them engaged

If a “picture is worth a thousand words”, imagine the value of a 15-second video clip.

With improved internet and mobile network speeds, video production has become a significant player in successful online marketing.

Technology allows us to watch video online whenever and wherever we want. We live in the YouTube age, where more consumers are cutting the cord on traditional media and electing to consume online video instead.

So what does this mean for businesses? Well, basically, by moving your advertising to a video-based format, you engage customers in the medium they most comfortably absorb data. In essence, you are giving them what they want, how they want it.

A video conveys more information than a static image, and a lot quicker than a page of text. Video also stands out. They help arrest scrolling, making consumers stop to engage with your content rather than scrolling past.

Engaging video is also a lot more likely to be shared than an article or photo. Great video may even go viral, which can boost your brand and share your brand story with a vast audience in an incredibly short time.

We specialise in everything from storyboarding and pre-production, the shooting process and all post-production and editing.

Like our photographic equipment, our videography tech is high-end and ever-improving to ensure we can produce Hollywood quality video, but without the Hollywood budget.  So talk to us about making a move to online video marketing.



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Ready for action?

Our video production crew are ready to step in and step it up at any stage of your video project.

Tell us the details of your next project and discover how video can enhance your online marketing.

Collab Digital NZ testimonial from Donovan Chocolates

“These guys are the best in the business.”

“We’ve used Collab Digital extensively over the past two years to produce training videos for our sales teams, endorsement videos for client presentations, digital advertising pre-roll video, and social media marketing for our customers. These guys are the best in the business.”

Matt Batchelor