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Picture this. One sold-out conference room. A delicious spread. 600 local business owners buzzing with ideas.

There’s a reason why we have New Zealand’s top-rated social media breakfast events.

We dive into the latest platform and industry updates, covering skills to maintain a successful social media presence. We discuss the importance of brand collaborations, and with a room filled with keen learners, the buzz of possibility is palpable. We spark meaningful conversations, many of which go on to become full-blown collabs.

The Social Media Breakfast is a two-hour intensive morning session for everyone from beginner to advanced. With breakfast included – yum.

Collab Digital - social media breakfast


  • Achieving and maintaining a successful social media presence.
  • New or emerging brands on social.
  • Updated look on what’s happening across platforms.
  • Making meaningful connections with like-minded business owners and coordinators.

“A great mix of professionalism & humour. Having ventured into the world of ‘Facebook as a work tool’ previously, this was a good refresher, especially as social media develops so quickly. I also took away a couple of new skills to use with the Advert Manager side of things. Looking forward to seeing better results in future social media campaigns.”

Amanda Ratuki