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How should you be leveraging social media to grow your business? Our comprehensive social media training packages are crafted to empower you and your team with essential skills and knowledge to excel in the digital landscape. Our workshops cover platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn, focusing on organic and paid strategies.

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Why our training stands out

Customised workshops

Each workshop is tailored to your business's specific goals and needs. From a single intensive session to a series of workshops, we provide support tailored to your schedule and objectives.

Proven track record

Over 200 events across New Zealand, enhancing the digital capabilities of businesses of all sizes.

Extensive reach

More than 8,500 individuals trained, significantly enhancing their social media expertise.

Unmatched reputation

Recognised as New Zealand’s highest-rated social media training agency with over 1,000 positive reviews.

Our in-depth approach

Diverse platform expertise

Our training encompasses a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn, ensuring a well-rounded skill set. This diversity allows us to tailor our training to align with your business goals, enhancing your team's proficiency across different digital environments. Whether your focus is on increasing engagement, expanding reach, or driving conversions, our detailed training covers the essential tactics and strategies for success.

Organic and paid strategy

We delve deep into the intricacies of organic and paid social media strategies, providing a robust understanding of leveraging each for maximum impact. Our sessions explore content creation nuances that resonate naturally with audiences alongside the precision of targeted advertising campaigns. This dual focus ensures that your team is equipped to optimise content and advertising spend, blending creativity with analytics for effective brand promotion.

Flexible delivery options

Recognising businesses' varied needs and schedules, we offer flexible delivery options for our training sessions. Whether you require a single comprehensive workshop or prefer a series of sessions over time, our training is designed to accommodate your schedule. This flexibility allows your team to learn at their own pace and apply new skills progressively, ensuring effective learning and implementation of strategies.

Nationwide availability

Our training services are not confined to any single location; we offer nationwide coverage to ensure that you can benefit from our expertise no matter where your business is based in New Zealand. Our trainers are prepared to travel to your location, bringing the latest insights and strategies in social media marketing directly to your doorstep. This accessibility allows businesses nationwide to upskill their teams and stay competitive in the digital age.

Ongoing support

Every participant in our training program receives extensive materials designed to facilitate continued learning and application of the concepts covered. But our support doesn’t end with the conclusion of the training sessions. We provide ongoing guidance to assist with implementing strategies, answering questions, and helping overcome challenges. This continuous support ensures that your team learns and successfully applies their new skills to achieve real-world results.

“Since Collab has been looking after our social media, we have seen a huge improvement in content and engagement.  Collab is great to work with – professional, quick to respond, and give solid advice on all things social.”
Larissa Arnold
brand manager

Let's Collab

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